The impact of encryption on the data transfer rate

Out of curiosity I tried how does the transfer rate suffer from encryption. I tested TrueCrypt¬†(now abandoned), <a href="https://diskcryptor you can check” target=”_blank”>DiskCryptor and also BitLocker.

TrueCrypt and DiskCryptor were tested od Lenovo T410 running Windows 7 x64 on non-system SSD (Corsair Force 3) and BitLocker was tested on my new HP Stream 7 tablet running Windows 8.1 x86. Results are harder to compare because I had two different hardware, so I made table to show performance impact in percent.

Here are the results:

No encryption TrueCrypt DiskCryptor BitLocker
Seq Read 100% 71% 83% 53%
Seq Write 100% 63% 100% 70%
4K Read 100% 57% 90% 91%
4K Write 100% 24% 105% 88%